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We specialize in finding insurance solutions for SMEs and consultants. With over 30 years of experience, our brokers can make sure you have all the cover you need, so that if something unexpected happens, your business won’t be left vulnerable.

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Business Insurance

Running a business can be risky and the last thing you want is for your livelihood to be impacted by an unexpected catastrophe. Make sure you are protected with business insurance that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to discuss them to with you and find a package that will offer you the appropriate level of protection, at the right price.

Commercial property insurance

Property insurance is essential to protect your business premises in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood. With the right property insurance you will be back in business faster if your premises suffers damage in consequence of an insured event.

Business interruption insurance

In the aftermath of a disaster your business may be out of operation for a period of time. Business interruption insurance can cover a portion of the costs incurred if your business activities are interrupted due to a specified event.

Electronic equipment breakdown insurance

Electronic equipment breakdown insurance is designed to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your equipment or of temporarily hiring replacements so that your business can continue to function.

Burglary insurance

Loss of your property or stock due to theft can cause serious problems. Burglary insurance can cover you for property that is stolen and allow you recoup costs so your business isn’t significantly affected.

General property insurance

General property insurance usually covers portable property, including laptop computers and mobile phones. General property options can include cover for loss or damage to property when it is not on your business premises.

Glass insurance

Glass insurance covers damage or loss to glass windows,
signs and any glass showcases at your business premises due to an insured event like vandalism or fire.

Money insurance

Money insurance protects businesses against the loss of money in the form of cheques, cash, travellers’ cheques, money orders and credit card slips. This type of loss might be incurred in transit between the business premises and the bank.

Transit insurance

Transit insurance is designed to protect goods that are in transit from one place to another. It can cover loss or damage to goods that are being stored during a journey, and can include cover for loading and unloading.

Machinery breakdown insurance

Machinery breakdown insurance is for losses incurred from the breakdown of machinery, including replacement costs if deemed necessary. It’s important cover to have if your enterprise relies on one or more vital pieces of machinery.


Liability Insurances

If you are running a business, protecting yourself against legal costs is increasingly important as lawsuits become more common. Mistakes can sometimes be made at even the best-run businesses, and liability insurance can help ensure that an error on your part or on the part of one of your employees doesn’t mean the end of your business. There are a number of different types of liability insurance that are designed to protect your business and your customers in a wide range of different scenarios.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to cover liability for financial damages incurred by clients as a result of advice provided by you or your employees. This might occur through error, omission or an act of negligence.

Directors & Officers Liability

This type of insurance protects directors and officers of a company from personal liability relating to errors or omissions made in connection with their corporate duties. In some cases, directors and officers liability insurance can also cover any money that the corporation is required to pay a director or officer as the result of legal action.

Product Liability

The burden of responsibility borne by manufacturers for the products they make seems to grow inexorably, and even when unsuccessful, a claim can be very costly to defend. Good product liability insurance is a must.

Association Liability

Not-for-profit organisations can be at just as high a risk of incurring a lawsuit as for-profit companies. Association liability insurance is designed to protect not-for-profit organisations from liability incurred through the provision of services or the conduct of activities. Contact us today to discuss your liability insurance needs.

Management Liability

Management liability insurance is there to protect the personal wealth of the managers of an organisation, as well as the financial interests of the company as a whole.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance provides cover for any legal liability incurred to third parties if they are injured or their property is damaged on your premises. The liability can be incurred through negligence on the part of you as the business owner, or your employees.

Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance covers a wide range of different products that are designed to protect property and people, including vehicle insurance, travel insurance and personal accident insurance. Many businesses are unsure which types of casualty insurance are right for them, which is where we can help.

Personal accident and illness

Accidents can happen anywhere, even in the most safety conscious workplaces. Personal accident and illness insurance covers accidental injury or illnesses and can include accidental death and permanent total disability.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance covers a range of issues including illness and accidents requiring medical treatment overseas, loss or theft of luggage and personal items, and cancellation of flights due to certain events.

Motor vehicle insurance

Commercial motor vehicle insurance is essential for any business that has vehicles which are registered under a business name. Vehicle insurance can protect your vehicles against fire, theft and damage from third parties and can also cover medical expenses in the event of a car accident.

Truck insurance

Truck drivers and operators have unique insurance needs which can be covered by specific truck insurance. Truck insurance is more comprehensive than general motor vehicle insurance when it comes to protecting trucks, employees and the goods that are being transported.

CTP green slips

All vehicles registered in Australia need to have compulsory third party insurance (CTP). This type of insurance provides cover for the death or personal injury of a third party if there is an accident.

Employment practices

Employment practices insurance is to cover employers against claims made against them by employees. This might include discrimination, unfair dismissal, sexual harassment or other legal issues.

Fidelity guarantee

This insurance protects businesses against losses incurred by fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by employees. These losses might include loss of money, goods or other property.

Tax audit

ETax audit insurance protects businesses against the professional costs and fees that are incurred if they have to undergo a tax audit.

CYBER Insurance

This is a relatively new type of insurance designed to cover businesses for losses incurred as a result of computer-based crime and fraud. If you would like some advice about your casualty insurance requirements, or to obtain a no-obligation quote, we are only too happy to help. Contact us today for an in-depth discussion.

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Events and Entertainment Insurance

Organisers of events face a daunting range of risks, many of which have the potential to destroy their businesses if they are not protected by adequate insurance. Many of these risks are common to any business, but the particular nature of entertainment risks demands an expert approach to insuring them.

Property insurance

Event organisers frequently use venues belonging to third parties, and may be liable to the owners in the event of damage to fabric, furniture or fixtures and fittings. Of course the exposure is often brief, extending only for the duration of each event. Sydney Insurance Brokers is familiar with the conventions of venue-hiring, and offers a flexible approach to insuring episodic risks.

Public liability insurance

Anyone who suffers loss or injury at an event may have a claim against its organisers if their negligence caused or contributed to the mishap. These risks can be hard to quantify and manage, leading to high premiums. But a broker who understands the event industry thoroughly can show you a way to protect yourself without it costing the earth.

Employment practices insurance

As with property insurance, employee liability in the events industry is frequently highly episodic, with a large number of ad hoc employees and relatively few permanent employees. Your insurance arrangements must be tailored to this pattern.

Cancellation and abandonment insurance

Many factors outside the organiser’s control can bring about the cancellation of an event. Sickness or injury to a key artist, weather and failure of the preceding user of the venue to vacate are just some of the risks against which a policy from Sydney Insurance Brokers can protect you.


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